Step Seven - Win

Step Seven - Win Up to $50.00 Every Day at Instant Cash Sweepstakes!

The deal is simple at ICS - answer a few quick polls every day, and win amounts from $0.01 all the way up to $50.00! You can log in up to six times each day. The more you log in, the more your "Trust Score" moves up, and the more polls you are presented with. The more polls you answer, the more money you win!

When you first join, you'll only get five short polls to enter. They'll send you an email reminding you to come back later on in the day, if you like. Every time you log in, you'll either earn cash or tokens that you can enter into a daily drawing. This is a fast, fun and addictive site. Click below to add your earnings to the map!

Now that you've been at this program for a while, I'm no longer going to recommend you wait a week before joining your next program. By this point you will have gotten yourself into a good daily routine. You know the best time for you to work uninterrupted, and you know your own limits as to how many programs you feel you can join without becoming overwhelmed. Having a quiet workspace with no distractions is going to be very important as we go on, as is keeping yourself organized.

When you feel ready to join your next program to earn money online, click below.

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