Step Two - Get $5 Now

Get $5.00 in the next five minutes!

You're going to jump in right away and get your first five dollars. You're going to join a site called FusionCash. Click on the link below to sign up for an account. Be sure to use your new primary email account as your account email.

Once you sign up, you're going to want to pay very careful attention to the instructions you'll receive from FusionCash on how to verify your account. You'll be sent an email with a confirmation link that you'll need to click on, and you'll also have to verify your phone number. It's perfectly safe to give your phone number to FusionCash - over two million members have done it before you, and are earning money from them each and every day. 

FusionCash will also instruct you to complete one "offer". An offer is a survey, a quiz, or signing up at another free site. There are many to choose from. 

Follow all these steps carefully, and you'll have your first $5.00 in no time!

Once you've confirmed your address, you'll want to go to the Daily Offers section of FusionCash, and sign up for the daily paid email. This is an email sent to you from FusionCash that will pay you $0.02 per day. A small amount, I know, but it's just one of many, and they all add up.

Now, I strongly suggest you spend a full week learning how to use the site. It can be really overwhelming at first, and a lot of people give up because they get confused. Spend time on the FusionCash forum asking questions from other members, and view the tutorial videos.

This is the biggest mistake people make, and I can't stress it enough!

Learn from other members, and go slowly. Sign up only for free offers, and never, never, never spend any of your own money. Learn how to do the daily pay to click, how to win bonus money with the Tuesday and Weekend special offers, get paid for posting in the forum, and many other ways to earn money at home with Fusion Cash.

People are in a rush to earn, and because they go too quickly without learning from others, they often fail. If you give yourself a full week with FusionCash, doing nothing else but reading the forum and asking questions from other members, you will lay the groundwork for your future success.

It's sad but true - most people who join FusionCash never cash out their earnings! They give up before they even get started.

Please don't move on to Step Three unless you've spent a full week at FusionCash and are steadily earning from there every day. When you feel comfortable with FusionCash and are ready to add another daily program, head on to Step Three.